We are trying to break “vicious circle” of poverty by developing human resource through quality education for all (100%);

Quality Education-->-->-->Trained workforce-->-->-->Employment-->-->-->More Income-->-->-->More saving-->-->-->More Investment
-->-->-->More Job-->-->-->More Development.

1. SAF prospective: attaining quality education. “Quality Education for All” & increase literacy rate up-to 100%.

2. To provide medical treatment to vulnerable people of the society including quick access to hospitals & medical centres by an Ambulance Service.

3. Training to unemployed youth & prepare them for employment inland & abroad, “Education for Employment”.

4. Lowering the rate of unemployment, more education, increasing per capita income.

5. To create awareness of health & hygiene & healthy activities e.g. sports & social activities among youth.

6. Pollution & Environment, protect wildlife & plants /trees & more plantations.

7. To train people to fight at the time of natural calamity & disaster i.e. earthquake, war, flood, fire & accident.

8. Scholarship for higher education inland & abroad in future.

9. To educate & give awareness for precautionary measures to fight against epidemic diseases.

10. Help & assist law enforcing agencies to create peaceful atmosphere in the area.

11. Publishing of Literary & Scientific Research Books.

Fundamental and basic aim is Human Resources Development through quality education for all (100% in Govt. Schools. SAF has started its model project in Govt (Boys & Girls) High Schools  Hurnamaira, Poonch Azad Kashmir (Pakistan) and result is 100% for 1st year. Govt has upgraded the Girls High School to Intermediate College and Inshallah, Boys School will also be upgraded in next years. Gradually we will expend our working area throughout Azad Kashmir. We are simply trying to facilitate the poor students and provide them opportunity to get quality education and training facilities to teachers of government schools according to modern teaching techniques. We invite all NGOs, INGOs & other international agencies to cooperate for this noble cause. The other objectives are subsidiary and interrelated to this main goal.


Deposit your donations in Bank account as detailed below:

Account No: 15057100001903 
Habib Bank Limited - Mujahidabad Branch
Azad Kashmir (Pakistan)



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Sufi Muhammad Aziz Khan was Born in Village Sanghar Hurnamaira, Poonch Azad Kashmir (Pakistan) in 1928. He has taken his primary education from Primary School Hurnamaira and joined Pakistan Security Printing Press and worked there for 20 years. He was very talented and hard working man. During this job, he was elected as General Secretary of Labour Union. After his retirement he started his own business with General Store in the local market. He was a reformer of society and believed that social uplift cannot be achieved without education. So he educated all of his seven sons. He also helped poor students to get better education.

All of his sons are very much successful businessmen doing business all over the world. They are founder members of Sufi Aziz Foundation (Regd.).  In memorial of their late father who had dedicated his life for development of education. SAF will continue the mission of Sufi Muhammad Aziz Khan “Quality Education for all”.

Mr. Saeed Aziz a leading businessman of UAE is the founder President of SAF. He has provided all establishment funds and all his brothers contributed initial investment for this noble cause. Principal (Rtd.) Muhammad Nazir Khan, a Learned Educationist and Prof. Muhammad Irshad Khan (Rtd.), Master in Human Research Management  are the panel of operational force of SAF.

About Us

Sufi Aziz Foundation (Regd.)

Registered Office:  Hurnamaira Tehsil Rawalakot, Postal Code 12410
District Poonch Azad Kashmir. Tele: +92 582 4445861 

Sufi Aziz Foundation (Regd.) is basically an Non-Governmental Organization, working in fields of Quality Education for all (specially orphan & other deserving students), Poverty Elevation Projects in the poor and under developed areas of the country, Health sector & Human Resources Development. Initially it has been registered in Azad Kashmir (Pakistan) with Kashmir Council and started its projects in District Poonch Rawalakot with its Head Office at Hurnamaira.

Its international registration is under process in the name of “SAF International” with proposed offices in Islamabad, UAE, UK, USA & Canada.

Contact Us

P.O. Hurnamaira Code 12410, Tehsil Rawalakot, District Poonch
Azad Kashmir – Pakistan

Ph. +92 582 4445861      Fax # +92 582 4443628
General Secretary Cell: +92 345 5406151
web: www.safintl.org
e-mail: safintlajk@gmail.com
(e-mail: khurshidgcs@gmail.com)